Who are these effers?

Bernadette aka @the_effinglife & IG: @the_effinglife
Blue_Knee_Three-Quarter Sleeves_Free People_Small_6-3Hello Lady!  I’m Bernadette, a bargain shopper, sweet tooth and wannabe entrepreneur.  Born and raised in New York City by a family of accountants, I once thought that life meant getting a stable, bonus-eligible job, buying a ridiculously expensive apartment in Manhattan, and if I was lucky, having some time to play with on the side.  At age 25, I was living on Fifth Avenue, career on the rise, and living what a lot of people would say was a pretty darn good life.  I was also pretty effing miserable.

Then something unexpected happened.  I fell in love with an effing cool guy who lived for college football, volunteered at the local arts theater and didn’t subscribe to the New York grind.  I eventually visited his family and friends in a place I’ve never been, the South, and suddenly, what I thought was “the life” was turned upside down!  Before I knew it, we got hitched (as they say), ditched New York ,and switched to a life in Charlotte, NC.  Now I’m a Northern girl in a Southern world, loving every minute of this crazy little adventure of ours.

When I’m not ranting on this blog, you can find me husslin’ to start my new business Dressed, supporting local businesses as a Yelp Elite, baking, singing and dreaming!

Yih aka @YihSays & IG: @MindofYih 

IMG_4409Hello world! I’m Yih, a lover of all things chocolate and John Cusack. I am a 1st generation American who never knew how to handle money mainly because I never had any. My parents raised me on meals at home, movies from the library and games that involved my free imagination rather than expensive toys. That upbringing taught me to chase worthwhile experiences rather than high salaries. It taught me to love and embrace people rather than stuff. What could go effing wrong?

Someone gave me money. Like every two weeks. And I had no idea what to do with it. I frivolously spent my paychecks on experiences until I realized the only experience I could afford was a Tower of Terror ride headed for eternal debt. After living on my own for several years, I swallowed my pride and moved back home to right the ship of my checkbook. The road since has been full of celebrations and frustrations, an adventure towards financial freedom I certainly did not plan. But what an adventure it has been!

Away from the blog, I get paid to write about the financial market (no, seriously). I also run my tutoring service Write Guide NYC, play Jenga with my nephew and niece, and eat Olive Garden with my fiance.

AJ aka @effingAJMaul & IG: @AJMaulsWorld

effing AJ ProfileWell Helloo dere, thanks for checking us out!  I was born in the South (east Asia) and grew up a southern gentleman in the U.S. South (Carolina).  A self-confessed cheapskate and life hacker with a passion to achieve my goals using the least amount of resources as possible.  Efficient.  I started my road to financial freedom by attending college on a full scholarship and gaining employment at a top 10 Fortune 500 company.  Alone, I moved around, made some good friends & great memories, and owned my own home.  I was on the road!

I effing fell in love, sold my home in upstate NY, quit my comfortable job, and moved to New York City.  I became a Realtor there specializing in luxury apartments for clients ranging from young professionals to millionaires.  At least I got to meet those I thought were living the effing life.  But I gave up wheeling-and-dealing in Manhattan to move to Charlotte, NC (the Queen City) in January 2013 to chase OUR dreams together once we realized the hustle of the city was affecting our plans on the road together.

Nowadays, you can find me at the gym, playing sports with MAC, or as the resident chef at our house.  I tweet and now blog about our love-fest of Charlotte, with a dry sense of humor, technical writing skills, and making pun of myself.  HEY – OH!


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