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TEL_logo_compass02What Is The Effing Life?

So, this is a blog where we share our journey towards our ultimate f-bomb: financial freedom. We know that getting there is not going to be easy.  A lot of hard work, sacrifice and heartache is inevitably in our path, but through it, we’ll find fiscally responsible ways to enjoy the effing things we love (fashion, food, fun), and sharing our stories on how we deal with our dearest mother-effers (family and friends) along the way.

BEWARE.  We don’t know what we are doing.

We are not rich.  We are not models or foodies or even particularly popular with people who know us.  We don’t have a master plan or secret recipe to success. Arguably, we are not successful at all. We are not claiming to be any superlative that would make us qualified to write a blog so presumptuously called the effing life.

Simply put, we have one “claim to fame.”  We took a risk once.  Yes, once.  We are two, normal human beings that left a city where we had great jobs, great friends and generally, a pretty great life, to move to a city where we had none of the above.  People thought we were crazy.  Asked us why. Had their doubts.  And we basically said, “Eff it!”

We didn’t know it at the time, but it was the best decision we’ve made to date. That singular decision was the little push that got the ball in motion for the rest of our lives. Once we took that risk, other things didn’t seem as scary. We stopped waiting and wishing and actually started building towards the fabulous life that we want.

We are nowhere near our end game, but hoping that we are on the right track! Selfishly, this blog is more for ourselves than anyone. We heard the best way to ensure reaching our goals is by creating accountability. And what better way than to bare it all for everyone to see?! Peer pressure is a beautiful enabler.

And if by chance we actually do make it, and our journey inspires someone to take a risk to get closer to the life he or she wants, then we say…effing awesome!

About Financial Freedom

When we started this blog, we had this idea of having it focused around the ultimate goal of financial freedom, but interestingly didn’t have much discussion about what that meant for us.  That led us to the almighty Wikipedia to look up the definition and start a dialogue:

Financial independence is generally used to describe the state of having sufficient personal wealth to live, without having to work actively for basic necessities.  For financially independent people, their assets generate income that is greater than their expenses. For example, a person’s quarterly expenses may total $4000. They receive dividends from stocks they have previously purchased totaling $5,000 quarterly, while also having more money in other assets. Under these circumstances, a person is financially independent. A person’s assets and liabilities are an important factor in determining if they have achieved financial independence.

It does not matter how old or young someone is or how much money they have or make. If they can generate enough money to meet their needs from sources other than their primary occupation, then they have achieved financial independence. Age is potentially irrelevant with respect to financial independence. If they are 25 years old and their expenses are only $100 per month and they have assets that generate $101 or more per month, they have achieved financial independence, and they are now free to do things that they enjoy without having to worry as much. If, on the other hand, they are 50 years old and earn a million dollars a month but still have expenses above a million dollars a month, then they are not financially independent because they still have to generate the difference each month just to stay even.

image courtesy of Flickr user SalFalko

image courtesy of Flickr user SalFalko

That in and of itself was our first lesson.  There were three basic words that stuck out to us: income, expenses and necessities.  It is these three words that will be the guiding force behind our blog, and in turn, our life.  Most people who have a goal of financial freedom focus a heck of energy around that first word.  Less people, but still some, are smart enough to focus on the second word.  But the key word that we believe most people ignore is that third word.  NECESSITIES.

Many of our posts will be about our quests for making a bigger buck and how to increase our assets to accomplish the top part of the financial freedom equation.  Other posts will be tackling the problem from the other perspective, on how to minimize the money from bleeding out of our bank accounts.  But our most important posts will be those that challenge the notions of what we think we need versus what we actually really need.  And that will reach into things beyond material into the world of relationships, desires, emotions, morality and self-esteem.  We’re willing to bet that many of those things will be free.

Join in on the conversation and let us know: What are your thoughts on financial freedom?


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