Allow Me to Reintroduce Myself


Hello Effing Life readers and followers! I’m Yih, the blog’s newest contributor. I got a littleahead of myself when I wrote about “How Many Friends I Can Afford” before officially introducing myself to you, my free Internet friends I can afford. So let me take a mulligan, rewind the tape and enter the site’s virtual doors again.

I am a 1st generation American who never knew how to handle money mainly because I never had any. My parents raised me on meals at home, movies from the library and games that involved my free imagination rather than expensive toys. ThatIMG_4409 upbringing taught me to chase worthwhile experiences rather than high salaries. It taught me to love and embrace people rather than stuff. What could go effing wrong?

Someone gave me money. Like every two weeks. And I had no idea what to do with it. I frivolously spent my paychecks on experiences until I realized the only experience I could afford was a Tower of Terror ride headed for eternal debt. After living on my own for several years, I swallowed my pride and moved back home to right the ship of my checkbook. The road since has been full of celebrations and frustrations, an adventure towards financial freedom I certainly did not plan. But what an adventure it has been!

More recently, I decided to propose to the love of my life and start my first business in the span of six months. So you can expect a deep dive into the world of engagement, entrepreneurship, NYC living and whatever else the future has in store for me.

Away from the blog, I get paid to write about the financial market (no, seriously). I also play Jenga with my nephew and niece, secretly watch wrestling pay-per-views and eat Olive Garden with my fiance.


What do you think?

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