Passion & Income Don’t Have To Be Separate


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Back in the beginning of last year, I posted about 5 Goals that Trump your New Year’s Resolutions and one of my goals was to have another source of income. In the past few years, we’ve had some interesting side jobs.  We’re sure our H&R Block guy had a blast sorting through all the files from our various gigs.

Weekend Fashion Warrior

It was the weekend, and normally we would be trying to figure out what to cook that night, what errands do we need to run or where to go hang out. But that day it was different, in a good way. First, I went to drop off some lunch for Bernadette at work. Yes. work on the weekends. She started helping out at a women’s fashion consignment store with whom she developed a relationship with during her jewelry and retail activities. The owner of Summerbird Boutique, Cindy, loved her so much that she asked Bernadette if she wanted to run the store during the few hours they were open on Saturdays. However, Bernadette wouldn’t call it work, since she loves fashion and retail. She just loves being in the store, practicing her sales skills, and learning some of the basic operations. What a great PAID opportunity, especially for the frugal fashionista!

I’ve stopped by the store a couple of times just to see how happy she is.

Driving Miss Crazy

drivingmissdaisyThat same day, after I dropped off some lunch and picked up some groceries, I headed to South Carolina. It’s not far from Charlotte, just enough to cross the border and get cheaper gas. I then drove to NoDa, a neighborhood full of breweries, and the crowd was already bustling at 5pm. Just a couple of blocks away, my phone started beeping and flashing: Accept Ride Request.. 10.. 9.. 8.. My heart started to race a little, but I tapped accept and confirmed my first pick-up. Just a few days prior, I became an Uber driver. After numerous trips using Uber for business and pleasure, I spoke with a few drivers and they convinced me that it was safe and easy to be a part of the ride share community. They each have their own crazy passenger stories but overall enjoy the flexibility and, of course, extra cash.  And like any experience, you’ll always remember your first time.

So that afternoon I picked up Michael and his 3 friends who have been drinking at the brewery and needed a ride back to their hotel. They have been in town for a bachelor party weekend, and they had a lot of good things to say about the beauty of Charlotte women. So ladies, please take that as a compliment.

It was a fairly short ride, and there were a few hiccups, but everyone got to their destination safe and sound. Honestly, I’m excited and looking forward to hearing more stories of passengers and hopefully making some random people happy that I was able to get them from point A to point B safely. I like to drive and I like getting to know my city all with the perks of meeting new people. I’m a Lyft driver, so if you need some new user promo codes or need a ride somewhere, call me.

Get Inspired Make Money

Being in Charlotte has kept us busy but we still find time to enjoy some of the things we love to do. And in some cases, we have found ways to monetize them. Don’t think your 8-5 job is the be all end all in terms of earning income, because you can still find opportunities to make a few extra bucks from your passion even if your “real job” isn’t.

On a side note, I’ve done some background work on a couple of popular television series. Actual film production, a chance to be on-screen, getting paid. Yes, please.




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