Saying You Want To Lose Weight Isn’t Enough. I Need A Plan.

I have been saying I want to lose weight every day for the past three years.  And yet, never made a genuine effort at it.  With my increasing obsession towards achieving “the effing life,” I know that getting into great shape will be a huge part of my success.  A lot of my friends and family have superficially told me I am crazy for wanting to lose 20 pounds – they say I don’t need it, they think I’m being unreasonable, etc.  None of them actually asked me what my weight was before they said that.  Funny enough, I mentioned this to my manager and he initially reacted the same way.  I asked him what he thought I weighed.  Sure enough, he thought I already weighed my target weight and guessed 20 pounds lower than what I was.  When I told him the accurate number, he retracted his former statement.  So as a side note, if someone tells you they want to lose weight, don’t assume it’s superficial, or a fish for compliments or crazy.  It may actually be a great thing, so be supportive.

Anyway, I don’t have any magic diet or new exercise plan that will magically make me lose the 20 pounds in a week.  The plan is to do it the old fashioned way: more exercise and healthier eating.  But a few things I will be doing to help do that:

fitbit1. Track my food and exercise daily on FitBit.  Seeing what I eat every day and tracking my exercise will keep me accountable to myself and hopefully curb my tendency to overeat.  Just the fact that I am too lazy to constantly pull out my phone and log in my meals is a big incentive to not overindulge.  According to my trusty app, I will need to keep under 1200 calories a day to lose 2 pounds a week.  This helps me keep on top of where I am at during the day with my calorie intake, really easily and effectively.

2. Break a sweat three times a week. I don’t regularly exercise and I now work from home, so some days I don’t even leave my house for the whole day.  I am making a commitment to break a sweat regularly, whether it’s going to the park to play some sports, walk around the neighborhood or even just running up and down the stair and doing jumping jacks between conference calls.  I recently turned on our XBOX Kinect after not using it for over two years to pay Just Dance.  I forgot how much fun that game is.  My major motivation is that the more I exercise, the more I can eat!hownottobrushteeth

3. Brush my teeth early.  My husband and I usually try to cook dinner together and finish up by 8 or 9pm at the latest.  Trouble is, I am quite the night owl and usually go to bed around 1am.  That leaves a whole lot of time for me to snack senselessly on whatever I can get my hands on.  It also doesn’t help that my work station is right next to my kitchen!  So, now I brush my teeth immediately after dinner, reminding myself that I better not eat again until the next day.

4. Have a weight loss buddy.  Turns out my best friend wants to lose some pounds also.  So we have a pact that every Monday, we will text each other pictures and let each other know what our progress has been.  I’m a competitive person and I don’t want to fail her or have her make more progress than me!

soy allergy5. Avoid soy.  So separately from weight loss, I am looking to generally feel great about my body and having severe eczema has got me feeling pretty down.  My allergist suggested that I try to avoid soy and see if that helps to clear my skin.  Because I am highly allergic to peanuts and beans are in the same family, there’s a chance that I unknowingly may be allergic to soy.  Funny side effect is that now that I am reading packages for soy, I have been inadvertently been cutting out a lot of processed foods that I used to eat too much of.  This has led me to eating more fruits instead of packaged snacks – an added bonus!

I will sporadically share my progress with you in the hopes that I’ll have good news by July 4th to say I reached my goal!


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