Friday 5: Holiday Decorating on the Cheap

My brother came to visit us in Charlotte for Thanksgiving and as with the last few years, I saved Black Friday for decorating the house together as a family.  He fell asleep and woke up to find the tree and lights up in no time (thanks for your help!)  He astutely said the words most women don’t want to hear: “You know you are turning into mom.”  And despite my horror, he was right – I decorate our house much like my mom did when I was a kid.  Except, I like to find the cheapest way to do it!  If you love the holidays but can’t break the bank styling your home, try these little tricks!

  1. I WILL NOT BUY BEFORE NEW YEARS.  Repeat after me.  I will not buy any Christmas decorations until next year.  We all know that the biggest markups come when the holiday is approaching, and the deepest discounts come when they want to clear all that tinsel and pine out for the next holiday.  I will only buy any decorations/cards/gift wrap after January 1 when these items are marked up to 90% off.  Avoid the usual suspect places of drug stores, Target, Wal-Mart, etc and see what you can get at the department stores (Belk and Macy’s are my favorite), home improvement stores (Home Depot, Lowe’s) and craft stores!  Make sure to bring your coupons for additional discounts and only buy they once you know they are on clearance.  I made this banner string with mini Christmas sweaters and paper decorations I found 80% off retail!IMG_20151130_152008
  2. Ornaments are not just for trees.  Most of the ornaments I have are hand-me-downs from my mom.  I’ve accumulated more than I can fit our on little tree now.  I now take some of those ornaments and fill up vases and bowls around the house to add some quick and easy holiday cheer!CYMERA_20151204_003724
  3. Candles, candles, candles.  Decking out your tables and shelves with festive candles makes your home feel extra warm and cozy.  I took these floating candles I got on clearance at World Market along with Mardi Gras beads in oversized wine glasses to make centerpieces for holiday meals!CYMERA_20151204_003221
  4. Christmas light alternatives.  I like to peruse the craft stores after every season for interesting decor, and found some cute indoor birdcage lights for 80% off retail.  I took those same lights and used them to light our Christmas tree this year, freeing up the old Christmas lights to go outside!  Finding stringed lights that you can use all year around gets you more bang for your buck.CYMERA_20151204_003341
  5. DIY holiday cards.  My new favorite holiday tradition is attending my girlfriend’s annual holiday making party where we get our craft skills on and make holiday cards while drinking wine and eating our hearts out.  Beware! Embossers and glue guns feel a lot more complicated after a mimosa.  This is such a fun excuse to get friends together and share in the holiday spirit while making some unique gifts for your loved ones!  One girlfriend takes her holiday cards and decorates her tree with them. Double duty decor! IMG_20151205_222037What are your fun and budget-friendly ways to decorate for the holidays?  Share your tips; I’d love to hear them!



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