Holiday Weekend Bargains I’m Bragging About

As much as I love saving money, I am susceptible to the holiday marketing blitz that is Black Friday to Cyber Monday.  If anything, I’ve enjoyed Black Friday for the people watching; nothing says Christmas like watching people fight over that last big screen TV at Best Buy.  Over the years, we’ve learned not to fall for the doorbusters that are the ploys to get you into the store, but in the grand scheme of things, aren’t the best deals.

We DO like to use the extra coupons that stores like Macy’s and Belk offer on these days to stack on top of clearance sales.  We also try to steer clear of items that we wouldn’t normally buy otherwise and stick to essentials. We’re pretty pumped about the deals we got below!


BOGO 90-Minute Massage Gift Certificates by Elements $238 for four 90-minute sessions (40% off retail of $99 each):

It may seem indulgent that someone trying to save money would go to a massage once a month, but it’s well worth the health benefits! As a member at Elements, I was able to take advantage of their Black Friday special to purchase gift cards at a significant discount towards my future massages already on the books!  I love saving money on something I would already be spending more on.

Spinner Samsonite Carry-On Luggage $66.48 (45% off retail $120.00): Samsonite Luggage

With traveling every month, my former carry-on companion took a quite a beating this year and it was
finally time to lay it to rest. Black Friday is a great time to buy luggage because department stores and brands are trying to offload this year’s models to make room for next year’s new designs.  I also really wanted a spinner version as I envied my friends who were able to drag around their luggage with ease while I struggled.  I picked this in red because 1) it was the cheapest, and 2) it’s much easier to spot among all the other black counterparts at the airport!

martha stewart comforter setMartha Stewart 6-Piece Comforter Set
 $79.99 (73% off retail of $300.00): 

I cheaped out on our first comforter set and as a result, a year later decided it was time to upgrade.  I love the look and feel, and no matter what we do with the color scheme of our bedroom, this will be sure to match!  I must have looked at a hundred different sets before settling on this one because I almost tricked myself into getting a 9-piece set with extra sheets and pillows that we didn’t really need.  I also did some quick math to realize that the 9-piece set was actually a worse deal because it was charging a premium of $40-$50 more for bed sheets that you could buy separately for higher quality and much less money.  Thanks to an extra $20 Macy’s coupon, was able to get a great deal!  I’m excited to transform our room with this quick and easy fix!

marc jacobs fall 2015 jacketMarc Jacobs Fall 2015 Jacket $127.00 (80% off retail of 628.00):

This is way more than I would normally spend on a coat. But after spending last winter freezing in the abnormally cold North Carolina weather, I wanted to make sure I keep warm this year!  Because this is something I anticipate wearing every day for the next few months, it meets our cost per wear philosophy. I love the big pockets and the stylish silhouette!  I made sure to even walk around the store for a bit with it on, to see if it would really keep me warm and still be comfortable.  We lucked out at Belk, where we got a free $30 is gift cards as we entered the store that helped bring the price of this gem even lower beyond it’s 75% markdown.

ASOS Bridesmaid DressBridesmaid Dress By ASOS $39.90 (50% off retail of $80.00) 

This was the most challenging purchase I had to make because the ASOS website was struggling with the Black Friday traffic and I had to coordinate with the bride and co-maid of honor for the upcoming wedding in which I will be part of the bridal party.  I’ve spent up to $300 in the past on bridesmaid dresses, and as we all know, will never wear the dress again.  So, getting a great looking dress at a reasonable price was my biggest triumph of all!  I ended up ordering three different styles to see which one I like best, and hoping that one will work! Otherwise it will be back to the drawing board on this purchase.


What are the best deals you’ve taken advantage of this past weekend?


What do you think?

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