We’re Back! Thanks to #Vacation #Inspiration and the Property Brothers

OK, we admit it.  We dropped the ball.  Nine months ago.  Nobody told us keeping up a blog would be so much work! And so, as we do with many other things in our lives, we let this slip while we attended to things that screamed more attention.  But we never stopped thinking about you!

And then we went on a cruise that I have been looking forward to all year with my favorites, The Property Brothers and found ourselves not only having a blast chasing them around the boat, drinking way too many Bahama Mamas and making new friends, but being newly inspired by their hard work and their success.It reminded us to go back to something we always loved doing: theeffinglife.com!

So, here’s to revivals, to second chances, to starting over again.  The best part of taking a hiatus is having plenty of new things to write about! Some sneak peaks:

  • Home design tips we learned from experts like Kim Myles and Jillian Harris
  • How to get a new job without having to leave your company
  • Surviving wedding season while you’re broke
  • What we can learn from the Chinese on how to do business
  • Starting a new business from scratch – it’s scary as hell
  • Kicking sugar out of your diet – is it worth it?
  • Creating a more sustainable lifestyle

If there’s anything you’re interested in hearing more about, let us know! We’d love to hear from you! Stay tuned!




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