5 DIY Projects Even I Could Do

As a NYC native, I was used to paying for anything and everything because I didn’t have the time or the patience to take the long way on anything. Now that I live down South with a lot more free time on my hands, I’ve found a ton of satisfaction in doing home improvements because 1) it saves me money 2) it makes me proud when someone compliments it 3) it keeps me busy and happy and prevents me from spending money doing other expensive things!

1. Jewelry Display:

#DIY #homedecorating with #jewelry turned wall #art with the help of some paint, fabric, hooks and a glue gun. #home #HGTV

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I already had some wood displays my father-in-law gave me for my jewelry business, but they needed some new life. Some cheap fabric ($5.00) and a hot glue gun along with some black paint and hardware and I created a custom jewelry display that doubles as wall art!

2. Painting Furniture:

The first times I did this, I was pretty lazy so they didn’t come out great. I learned more each time and the easiest things to remember is to 1) generally always paint in the same direction 2) using primer is well worth the extra steps and 3) sanding ahead of time will really make it last! A can of primer and black paint that lasted me a nightstand and a large cabinet were less than $20.

3. Changing Cabinet Hardware:

When we bought our house, it came with a very 90’s kitchen. We couldn’t afford to redo the kitchen right away so with less than $60, we were able to update our cabinets by changing out all the cabinet pulls. This took us less than an hour and all we needed was a power drill.  I was even able to reuse the hardware on my newly painted furniture above. They looked way better than in the kitchen!

4. Upholstering Chairs:

Nothing too crazy here, just two simple chairs that needed some new life. I had painted them once before but really wanted a new look so found some discount fabric and pulled out the handy staple gun to do these for less than $5!

5. Installing A New Light Fixture:

Admittedly, this is something AJ did instead of me, but he was able to do it with the help of a friend. One of our great friends gave us a new chandelier that he didn’t need and we used it to transform our once empty sunroom into a new breakfast nook. He was able to look up the directions online and saved us $200+ by not having to hire an electrician.

Watching HGTV inspired me to do a lot of things I never tried before and all of them turned out to be fairly easy. If I can do them, you can too!


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