Fate Brought Me to Extreme Couponing

I’m going to chalk it up to destiny.  Three weeks ago, I was looking at the receipt on my way out of the grocery store and noticed that the Kraft sliced cheese I bought was charged to me at full price (4.29) instead of the 2 for $6.00 deal advertised. Already backing out of the parking lot, I contemplated eating the extra cost for the sake of laziness.  But I decided to turn around and return the cheese.

imagesI brought the cheese to the customer service counter where a nice employee apologized for the inconvenience and refunded me the price. As I walked away, she asked if I didn’t want the cheese anymore.  I reminded her that I didn’t pay for it, of course. And surprise! She then let me know that their price policy allows for a full refund, AND I get to keep the product… FOR FREE! Score! That extra trip back was worth it!

That same week, I was considering returning some furniture I bought from World Market, but couldn’t find the receipts.  AJ thought to check our frequent shopper account to see if the transaction was recorded there online.  When I logged in for the first time, I discovered two $10 coupons almost expiring.  And unlike many other coupons, these were not restricted to a minimum amount. So we hopped in the car, shopped the clearance section (55% off) and picked up the $10 cloth napkins I’ve been eyeing and left the store with $30+ worth of merchandise for a whopping $0.80!

Those two happy accidents were such awesome surprises, that they led me to the bright idea of trying out couponing.  I had always been averse to it before because of the time commitment and the stigma I felt would be attached to me for being another crazy coupon lady.  But AJ can attest, I was on a high after those two events that it was worth it to see if I could replicate that again.

So stay tuned! Let’s see if we can make some coupon magic!


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