5 Easy Money-Saving Tips When Moving To A New House

It’s been a little over a month since we moved into our new home and without a ton of cash on hand, really had to employ a lot of creativity and discipline to save some money.  Here are a few quick hit tips:

  1. Don’t Buy Boxes.  Use any and all containers in your house including luggage, bags and plastic storage containers to transfer your goods.  For everything else, we always check on Craigslist for people giving away moving boxes and then we turn around and give our boxes away after we’re done.  Pay it forward.
  2. Look out for snail mail coupons.  When you change your address with the U.S. Postal Service, you’ll be sure to be getting a flood of coupons from local stores and supermarkets welcoming you to the neighborhood.  Before you start buying all your essentials, check for those in the mail.  They usually are around 10% and even places like Whole Foods will give you a free meal!
  3. Know when to DIY.  Painting walls, yes.  Deep cleaning, yes.  Changing cabinet hardware, yes.  Mowing the lawn, yes.  Unless you really know what you’re doing, leave the plumbing, electricity and other specialty skills to the professionals.  You may end up wasting more of your own time only to end up calling them anyway.  Remember, time is money!
  4. Live there for a while! When we first moved in, I immediately wanted to change lights and door knobs and fixtures and paint colors.  But after living there a few weeks, I got used to a lot of the stuff that I thought I hated.  Before you go and start changing everything, focus on the things that NEED to be fixed and save the other items for a few weeks or even months down the line.  You may feel differently then and you’ll save yourself a lot more money.
  5. Fall in love with what you already own (again).  Moving from a 2-bedroom townhouse to a 4-bedroom house, all I could think about was all the furniture I wanted to buy.  Again, the impulse purchasing was really taking a toll on my bank account. We decided to hold off on buying tons of new furniture until we figured out how we can possibly re-purpose our existing furniture and even doing a few DIY projects like repainting old furniture and re-upholstering for a new look.  We were living just fine before, why do we all of the sudden need so much new stuff?

One thought on “5 Easy Money-Saving Tips When Moving To A New House

  1. Yay, we did all of these things when we moved too! Re: boxes, we also asked our local liquor and grocery store for boxes that were on their way to the recycling bin, and they were happy to give them away to us, partly because it saved them from having to break them down. Congrats again on your new home!

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