Now is the Time to Get Aggressive. I have no other choice.


Image: Flickr green kozi

I’ve been on a tear lately. Liquidating some funds, making risky investments, buying another house, and the list continues to grow. Again, I don’t claim I’m doing the right thing, but for me it’s what makes life interesting and could be well worth it. No Risk, No Reward, as they say.

After liquidating a large portion of my 401k into a Roth IRA, I still have some left in a 401k and will still continue to contribute  every paycheck from my employer. And now, we’ve been given the opportunity to enroll in a financial management service:

Financial Engines’ Professional Management program, a fee-based service that provides guidance and assistance with saving, investing and building a personalized retirement income plan for my Retirement Savings Plan account. [My employer] has negotiated an annual program fee of 0.50% of your average managed account balance and can cancel participation at any time without penalty.

After I signed up, they took a quick snapshot survey of what my financial goals are. I entered my desired age of retirement and ultimately selected the “Aggressive” investing philosophy, two levels above the “Typical for my Age” selection. Time to go big or go home.

My retirement piggy bank is already waning and I’m willing to risk an aggressive plan while I’m in my early 30s. What do you think? Should I have stuck with “Typical for my Age”, which should already be somewhat aggressive to begin with? Hopefully, this is one of many diverse investments that will pay off. My early retirement is banking on it.



What do you think?

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