10 Things You Can Do to Feel More Productive Today

I found myself with another bout of insomnia this morning and after 4 hours of sleep, got out of bed without anything in particular to do.  I always need to feel like I’m not wasting time.  Whenever I need something to do to feel optimally productive, I take on a little task that helps me organize my life daily.

  1. Floss today. I confess I should be doing this on a daily basis, but I don’t.  But every time I do, for some reason I feel really accomplished!
  2. Organize your handbag + wallet. Receipts, old business cards, expired credit cards can build up fast.  Every few weeks, I’ll sit down and dump everything that’s accumulated in my handbag and get rid of all the garbage.
  3. Clear off your computer desktop. Last night, I noticed I had 50+ icons on my computer desktop of files and other random things I downloaded.  Once I cleaned it up and put things in the proper folder, it helped me feel a lot less overwhelmed logging on to my computer this morning.
  4. Write an e-mail to someone you haven’t talked to in a while.  I have a good friend that we keep playing phone tag because of our time zones and don’t get to catch up.  I plan to write her an email instead so that we can get some sort of update before it’s been too long!
  5. Clean out your car. I found a bunch of random condiments, a pair of earrings I thought I lost and a pair of shoes underneath my seat.  Enough said.
  6. Update your personal contacts. I mentally like to clean out my social life every now and then and update contacts of people I talk to frequently and removing people I don’t talk to at all anymore.
  7. Re-organize a random drawer. Our utensil drawer was a train wreck.  I finally sat down and rearranged everything in the drawer and it was the best part of my day that day!
  8. Take inventory of your pantry. I realized we have 8 different kinds of hot sauce because we keep buying hot sauce, thinking we don’t have hot sauce.  Now I know what I need and that I definitely don’t need any more hot sauce.
  9. Consolidate your bills + accounts.  Updating contact info, passwords and closing accounts I don’t use is a great way to see find random leaks of money and fees.
  10. Clean out your refrigerator.  Having a clean refrigerator makes cooking a lot easier and nobody wants a moldy unknown mass lingering near your favorite foods.

It’s only 9AM and I already feel like I’ve accomplished so much today!


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