Essential to Men’s Fashion on a Budget: Timing, Practicality, A Dash of Personal Style

Bernadette asked me to write about my new addiction to shopping. I think that was her convoluted way of saying, “Stop Buying Clothes”. Yes, I may have been expecting online shopping deliveries more often these last few weeks. But nowadays, fashion does make me a little happier. Especially bargain shopping, when buying during sales or making use of discounts to get quality and style for ‘cheap’.

MSRP: Sorry, I’ve never met you before.

Much like the true Frugal Fashionista, Bernadette, I get all the satisfaction I need knowing I’m creating my own style with trusty clothes I already own paired with new trades or purchases to add pizazz.

Summer sales are prime-time for bargains and essentials:

wpid-img_20140707_215645.jpgBow Ties – I never knew thought I’d be buying bow ties, and who knows how long this trend will last. But at around $6 each for silk ties at the southern department store Belk, it was just too hard to pass up. I love those racks that are an additional 50% off the last marked price of 50% off..


Pants – This may not seem like a good summer purchase, but perfectly fit colorful chinos were calling my name for these Volcom tapered chinos. I may not be able to wear them very often now, but they will get plenty of use during the Fall and Spring. Plus, the only time I go to Nordstrom is during their semi-annual sale. Sorry, the, currently $50 pants, I got for $15 each then.


Brown Shoes – Comfortable dress/ casual shoes are a staple for work and play. Every guy should also own both black and brown pairs. I definitely needed a new brown pair for the office, and I scored some at Neiman Marcus Last Call. Combined with a half-price $50 voucher from LivingSocial, these Ben Sherman shoes (along with other goodies) came out to around $60 and I wear them on the regular. However, the red laces I chose, may be a tad edgy for work. They’ll get over it!


Designer Sunglasses – Now this is a summer and driving necessity. I’ve been trying to get by on the free State Farm or Yelp sunglasses that work, but just don’t cut it when class is necessary. After hijacking my brother’s for a while, I finally got my own Ray Ban’s at, you’ll never guess.. my eye doctor. Literally, my new optometrist from MyEyeDr provides an annual $50 discount for designer sunglasses. I figured it’d be worth getting Ray Ban’s since they are rarely on sale anywhere. Through pure luck, they rang me up and somehow the $80 price with discount was fully covered. Free. I’m not complaining.

I’ve get more examples of great cost per wear items and deals that are practical and fashionable. Follow me on Twitter and Instagram for the latest finds. Hopefully, this inspires everyone, especially guys, that it’s fine to bargain hunt for clothes too. I know there are a number of high-end boutiques for men out there where prices break the bank, but timing, practicality, and a dash of personal style will get you far in the scary world of Fashion on a Budget. What treasures have you found?

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