Mid Year Review: An Introspection

mid year review


The total number of days between Monday, January 1st and Monday, June 30th, 2014 is 180 days. What have I done in the last 4,320 hours since the beginning of the new year? Not much but a lot. How can that be, you ask?

Well, it’s all relative. Real estate-wise, I’ve already gone under contract on an investment property, but it fell through the week before closing. Firsthand experience was the only resultant of that mess. And specifically, I started the year with this writing project: spilling my beans, searching for accountability, and just general nonsense that helps keep me sane and goal-oriented, not only at work, but in life. Long time ago, I wrote about having personal Goals vs. New Year’s Resolutions, and now it’s time to own up to where I am. This is my Mid-Year Review. Here were my goals (graded..):

I don’t drink sodas if there is a healthier option. (B+)

Getting a six pack is really hard for me, unless it’s picking up some Vanilla Java Porter for the house. Sodas aren’t my downfall, it’s the beer and desserts. During the winter and cold months, my body likes to insulate, forming a nice warm, pudgy layer of warmth. Fortunately, the southern spring and summer have arrived and I started a little late to trim down. Weekly sand volleyball, water throughout the day, and running harder on the treadmill have started to replace the between-meal snacking, light cardio, and going out to eat. Hoping to look good at an upcoming trip to Orlando and multiple weddings give me encouragement to keep it up. I’m far away from a six pack, but I have lost  about 5 lbs since the beginning of the year.

I think this will be my favorite.. #java #porter

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I don’t allow a credit card balance to carry over for more than a month. (A-)

No interest fees to date! Yay! I gave myself the minus because my ideal is to pay off all credit card balances within that month. Not there yet, but budgeting and spreading out the purchases on clothes, trips, restaurants, and gifts have helped me be a conscientious spender. I’ve also been watching all my bills a little more closely to make sure I’m paying for what I’m getting. Yes- I’m talking about you Sprint.

I deposit $500 to a savings account every paycheck. (C)

This one is up and down, ala Needs Improvement (NI). Depending on spreading out my purchases, some months I’m able to save this amount, but others, I ask myself, “Why am I living paycheck to paycheck?” I’m hoping this one improves with the below help.

I will obtain a second source of income. (B+)

I’ve mentioned before that I drive for Uber, and now Lyft, during my spare time. Surprisingly, several hours a week can amount to a couple hunnies in the bank. It’s like playing Taxi Driver from GTA IV in real life. And for those wondering, I have not had a drunk person throw up in my car. A drunk person, yes. Also, I’ve got a few more episodes of Cinemax’s Banshee Season 3 under my belt as background. Cool experiences, awesome people, and new friends each time.

I will see a family member in person every month of the year (A-)

This one is easier now that my brother lives right here in Charlotte. But the challenge here is visiting those a little further away. Each month we’ve been fortunate to have accomplished this, highlighted by visiting our new nephew, Sebastian, our little cousin, Sienna, and next month we’ll have a reunion with more extended family in Orlando!

So I’ve attempted to give an honest evaluation of where I stand with the goals I’ve set forth at the beginning of the year. What’s the point of making goals if I don’t re-evaluate, adjust, and sometimes pivot. I am getting somewhere if I can track its progress and provide ownership on how I’m actually doing. Whether it’s work, life, or relationships, it’s always beneficial to take a step back, pinpoint where you are on your plans and change course if you have to. Otherwise, you may be floating in the wrong direction. Are you on course with your resolutions?



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