I’m No Fancy Food Connoisseur – I Just Know What I Love


Lately, if you follow me on Twitter or Instagram, you may have noticed I’ve been traveling a good bit to the Midwestern United States, or better known simply as the Midwest. I’m usually not the one to take pictures of my food and post it, but I tend to do so for two occasions: 1) It was a fabulous meal AND a good value or 2) It’s barbecue (BBQ) ribs, pulled pork, brisket, or a combination of the 3.  And typically, #2 falls under the umbrella of #1.

My last trip to St. Louis last week netted me possibly the best ribs I’ve ever had to date. Ever. Which is why I’m finally deciding to post about it here.

This picture may look good, but doesn’t do the ribs justice. These are from the well-known Pappy’s Smokehouse. They have limited hours and tend to sell out towards the end of the day. But once you bite into their ribs, the succulence of the meat is evident, justifying the high demand. For once, I didn’t even use their sauces, but I did try them. Who needs it anyway, with their rub and perfect smoke time. I’ve tried barbecue in almost every state I’ve visited, highlighted by the eastern and western Carolinas, Nashville TN, Topeka KS, Austin TX, and even Terra Haute IN. There’s still a few places on my list to try like Memphis, Dallas, Kansas City, and Chicago. I’ve even labeled my own exploits, The Best BBQ Across America Challenge!


Pulled Pork Taco – Midwood Smokehouse – Charlotte NC

I tell you this story because my passion for barbecue is a little weird and Bernadette thinks I’m snooty about it and laughs that most people are connoisseurs of wine, cheese, fancy food, and other fine arts. But I choose to be a connoisseur of pulled pork?! If you love something, no matter how classy or classless it may be, at least be proud to say you know what you like. Fortunately, you can find some really good barbecue at a low cost in restaurants or hole-in-the-walls. And those are some of the best finds!



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