Big Fat F’s – Family and Focus

A recently heard remark:

If your child was born this year, they will most likely see the turn of the century.

This was mainly regarding the topic of sustainability, where we must consider the lives of today’s and tomorrow’s newborns despite us not living into the 22nd century. I got a major-league dose of this reality when my brother and glowing sister-in-law gave birth to their first son. Our immediate family’s first instance of the next generation. My first nephew.

Welcome Sebastian! Welcome to the world and to our family. Your future will be filled with love, health, and happiness. Guaranteed.

So with them living in Boston and us living in Charlotte, we unfortunately did not have an opportunity to visit during the pregnancy. Then this weekend, to visit them and get a first-hand look and feel of Sebastian was surreal. This reminder of innocence and simpleness makes what we strive to do in our effing life that much more in focus. Our perspective hasn’t changed but to the benefit of has. We knew we wanted to reach our goals ourselves. So accepting that we are going to be reliable to our family’s future generations, and possibly role models, has raised the accountability level. And it’s not by making the choices to earn tons of money but ultimately the right choices to make ourselves happy and recognizing that it doesn’t happen without effort.

Making the decision to drive 5 hours through 3 states in traffic to see Sebastian for the first time has put a huge smile on my face. I can’t seem to wipe it off.


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