Reminders Of Happiness

I had a lot to write about in my Happiness Project journal from these past few days:

  • singing songs from Frozen with my two year old niece over New York pizza and imaginary tea from her perfect little tea set.
  • laughing hysterically and loud over Italian food and inappropriate conversations with some of my not so prude friends.
  • seeing one of my childhood friends get married to the love of his life and crying uncontrollably while they say their self-written vows (I am so embarrassed).
  • waking up with the worst hangover known to man to be subsequently cured with family time and pho.
  • making five hours of traffic to Boston worthwhile to hold our one-week old nephew and see the funny little faces he makes.
  • coming home to surprise plants growing in our garden – we didn’t believe it would happen!

This weekend, a wise confidant reminded me to focus on the positive aspects of my relationships and to remember these high moments through the ups and downs of the inevitable roller coaster ride I’ll endure with many people in my life.  It was a good, healthy reminder, and one that I needed.  Luckily, I am now armed with a few extra memories to hold on to when one of those lows creep up and try to bring me down!


What do you think?

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