Friday 5: The Things I Learned from Donald Sterling

1. Respect People

I’m sure Donald Sterling did have respect for some people. But not all. On a personal level, he could not associate himself with those of a different color. Unfortunately, old culture isn’t an excuse. In today’s world, we have to respect each other even more because most people have been given ample opportunity to step up to garner respect, whether they’re a professional athlete of any color, an old white businessman, or even a 20-something year old whiz kid. Unbeknownst, you could be talking to the next president, world leader, or social influencer. Not only do you respect your elders but also your fellow effers.

2. Take ownership

As you may have noticed, Donald Sterling has yet to apologize, and he admitted to his former girlfriend, that this is the way he is. Even though it’s wrong, he at least owned up to it and ultimately admitted that he isn’t going to change. I take this as sticking to your beliefs and persevering, hopefully they are of good intention.

3. Don’t Hate

If you’re going to hate, don’t let it be blindly based on presumption or bigotry. I probably do hate some people in this world, but they’re of random races, ages, sex, and religious/political beliefs.

4. Don’t take anything for granted. It can be taken away from you even if you already OWN it.

Unfortunately, this was learned the hard way for him. Just because he was a big-time NBA franchise owner did not indemnify him of the consequences to, which I’m guessing is, “detrimental to the league (NBA)”, that may be something logical in their policy. This goes for investments, owning businesses, relationships, everything.

5. Finally, don’t get baited and act with integrity

Whether it’s a relationship, a business partnership, a friendship, or more, be mindful of what you say that can be hurtful or even misconstrued. There’s too many laws (and recording devices) that can be turned back against you if you’re in the gray. If integrity drives your decisions and actions, then you’re better off in the long run. Don’t take shortcuts for the easy win. If you play with fire you will get burned!

On this journey to financial freedom, we’ll face a number of these obstacles and more. In order to navigate today’s world, we may have to sympathize and learn from others even if we don’t agree with them.

Image: Flickr B.S. Wise

Image: Flickr B.S. Wise


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