Why we woke up at 6AM on a Saturday to go to a Yard Sale

Just because we moved out of New York City and out of our 20’s, doesn’t mean we’re no longer going out on weekends and not having ‘fun’. These days we’re still having fun even at 7 o’clock on a Saturday morning. This past weekend, it was the time our church opened for its Spring season’s yard sale. Perfect weather for selling items we no longer use or will never use. While you may have been sleeping, we freed ourselves of more space in the house and less items collecting dust AND came home before noon with some extra spending cash!

We took the opportunity to purchase a space in the yard sale because it provided an excellent way to get customers out into a central location with many ‘vendors’ and the marketing for the event was already done by an entity who has far more reach than us. Aside from the convenience from having a central yard sale, here are other reasons we setup to sell:

  1. It allowed us to reassess which items we actually need at home. The couple weeks before, we would look around the house asking ourselves, when was the last time we used this? Or will we ever use this item? No more – “I’ll use this some day” because the longer I wait, the less likely I will use it. Sold!
  2. Even if we don’t use it, give it to someone who can. Sustainability. Some of the “big ticket items” we sold were her 4 year old Netbook and an older Point & Shoot digital camera. Sure, we could have sent these electronics to the recycle bin where parts sit in a landfill, but those items were given a second life by owners who told us they needed to revamp their even older stuff. One man’s junk is another man’s treasure.DSC_0046
  3. Networking with sellers next to us. Not only do we meet people in our church community, but everyone seems to have an interesting story. The couple selling next to us have lived in Charlotte for over 25 years and he started a business that just went public and one section of the business employs hackers that break into your company’s online system to sell their cyber security service. He gave us some good entrepreneurial advice.
  4. My wife had fun. I know she loves setting up shop and selling. Literally anything. She loves exchanging money for goods and this was a quick and easy fix. She can also put her merchandising and selling skills to good use arranging items, pricing, and negotiating. We both have fun with that. Happy wife, happy life!DSC_0039
  5. Self-promotion. Bernadette also setup her Chloe + Isabel boutique to showcase her merchandising business. Many people weren’t expecting such high quality jewelry from a yard sale, but she did get a sale and she gave away over a dozen catalogs and business cards. Who knows, just one of those handouts may convert to good future business.
  6. Extra ‘spending money’ never hurt nobody. So yes – we did make a profit, a decent one at that. We may not need to go to the bank with our earnings, but we can definitely have a few nice dinners out. I’d rather be turning junk into cash than sitting at home watching cartoons any day.

We hit the effing life trifecta (on a small scale) with participating in this central yard sale – increased our revenue, decreased our holding expenses on unused stuff and evaluated our necessities by getting rid of junk we don’t need. And we had fun doing it! We’ll be back next year.



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