Just Chill The Eff Out

Just in the last 24 hours, I have had a couple panicked moments including my place of employment being broken into and subsequently forgetting to submit an important team assignment for my MBA program. I also freaked out at my husband over him forgetting to do something that was very important, resulting in me screaming and bursting into tears, which I immediately regretted afterwards. Now, I have a resolution to learn how to chill the eff out in times of stress because:

  1. You sound like a big, crying baby. Get over it. Nobody likes seeing a big baby.
  2. Staying mad/angry/upset doesn’t get anything done.
  3. You make other people feel badly and that doesn’t help the situation get better.
  4. You’re more able to think clearly and solve problems when you are calm. Panic just leads to more panic.
  5. You will appear more reliable and dependable in future emergency situations.
  6. You are able to do damage control in a way that is professional and respectful without sounding like a maniac.
  7. You will look back later and feel good about the way you handled the situation instead of stressing more on how you could have done better.
  8. There’s nothing else you can do about something that’s outside of your control other than learn from it and move on to happier things!

How do you cope when things are not going your way?


What do you think?

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