Happy Birthday! Life Lessons From Our Parents

Happy birthday to Bernadette’s Dad and AJ’s Mom this week!

“I didn’t realize my Dad was a regular human being until pretty recently.  He was always a super-man to me, but now that I know he is real like you and me, makes what he taught me that much more special.” – BernadetteBertCruz

  • Continue to be active in your local community.
  • Always make sure there’s too much to eat when hosting a party.
  • Sometimes saying less is saying more.
  • Why buy something if you don’t need it?
  • Always at least offer to help.


“The life lessons I’ve learned from Mom have come from many different angles and to the benefit of different parts of my life. The thing in common, they’ve all been more of a slap-to-the-face wake up call.” – AJ


Photo: Facebook Cherry Lim (Mom on right)

  • Put others before yourself.
  • Going to church is only 1 hour out of your entire week. Is that too much?
  • No person is an island.
  • Don’t worry, girls come and go.
  • You need to find someone to kiss so you won’t need that ChapStick.

L1043942_867x1303Photo: Flickr Selena N.B.H.

Photo: Flickr Selena N.B.H.



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