Friday 5: Frugal Fashion Finds For This Season

Most of us don’t have unlimited funds to revamp our wardrobe every season, so I like to add just a few new pieces to combine with my existing wardrobe that will keep it fresh while not breaking the bank.  My top picks for this spring/summer season that ANY girl can wear:

  1. Palazzo Pants. Who wants to have pants stuck to you like glue in 80+ degrees? Not only are they comfy, they keep your outfits fashion forward with fun prints and colors. Ethnic Print Palazzo Pants by Potter’s Pot, $56 at bevello.


2. Wrap Bracelets. Multiple piece, layered look for the price of one!  My favorites just came out in the new Chloe + Isabel Tresco Island collection for under $50!  Abbey Garden Wrap Bracelet, $48 by Chloe + Isabel.


3. Wedge Sandals.  They give you the height without the pain of high heels.  If you must get only one pair of new shoes, get them in a nude or bone color, they will go with everything in your closet! Sierra Strappy Wedges, $69 by TOMS.


4. Statement Rings. You can wear nothing else but a t-shirt and jeans witha knockout ring and you’re instantly transformed into a fashionista. Shoreside Vintage Cocktail Ring, $48 by Chloe + Isabel.



5. Dollman Tops.  These look good on everyone, and I mean everyone! Plus, if you’re like me and need to limit the sun exposure, these will keep you both cool and covered up. Piko Top, $28 at K-La Boutique.

web1216 038

What are some of your favorite trends this season?


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