Why I’m Fine that Charlotte is ‘Weird’ (In Response to The Huffington Post)

I find it slightly annoying that articles go viral by a silly young person writing about 15 Reasons how ‘bizarre’ Charlotte, NC is by actually listing some of its identifying characteristics. Yes, many residents believe all these things are true and defend the Queen City by betting the author has never even been to Charlotte. But remember Charlotte, these aren’t the opinions of the country or even the Huffington Post, it’s of a single travel blogger who is looking to gain traction by targeting Charlotte’s recent insurgence. I don’t blame her. I think Charlotte residents all secretly take pride in this because we swoon over any attention to our southern city.

Looks much worse than it is. #southendclt #cltwx

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I’m loving it, because amidst all the media outlets and Facebook shares on how weird Charlotte is, (as we all know that any press is good press) the same week, this article was posted on the site, Wise Bread: 10 of America’s Awesomest Cheap Cities. Of course, it justified the Huffington Post assertion that Charlotte is topping many lists and accolades. (UPDATE: And now Charlotte tops this too – Stretching Your Money – The Best City for High Pay and Low Expenses via Yahoo Finance)

Being as frugal as we are, we are fully realizing that Charlotte was a good choice to move from NYC (Queens). In the article, the author, Mikey Rox, “used CNN’s cost of living calculator to compare each city to a smaller, more affordable rural area in the same state. Using that technique, I found places where you get the city life along with the country’s low living expenses.” I’ve always liked being different or ‘weird’ as some may say. If those are the weirdest 15 reasons they can come up with and still provide a difference like this:

Price difference in Charlotte vs. NYC (Queens)

  • Groceries – 14% less
  • Housing – 64% less
  • Utilities – 21% less
  • Transportation – 17% less
  • Health Care – 13% less

Then wow, if you add up those variances in the course of a few years, the cost of living alone can mitigate the risk of moving to a new ‘bizarre’ city with no job lined up. And for Charlotte, weird works for me because I see opportunity flourishing while others see that (#8) The Streets Are Always Empty. And that’s perfectly fine by me!

The normal bustle of uptown #CLT was a dead zone at lunch today. Still working though.

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(Image: Twitter @pamcakes365)

(Image: Twitter @pamcakes365)


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