Fish for Thought on Fridays

I told myself (and everyone else) that I don’t do New Year’s Resolutions, because well, they’re “meant to be broken” right?

Where’s the accountability? Yes, I’m aware. So instead of resolutions, I broke in 2014 with a set of new goals for myself.  One of them is to get back in shape. (Future posts pending)

Part of that goal is to eat healthier, and I’m sharing the main staple I want to focus on this year, SALMON.  The great pink salmon. And it’s Lent season, so there’s always more room for fishy ideas!

Sweet Salmon Avocado & Peas)

I paired a pepper glazed salmon with a green & black-eyed pea side with slices of avocado. If you’re wary of black-eyed peas, I juiced them up with crumbled breakfast sausage, tons of diced onions, and a little hoisin and sweet Thai chili sauces to sweeten them up. Finally, I added some frozen green peas and avocados for color 😉

Salmon and Black Eyed Peas

Fried Salmon Fritters)

Fried Salmon. You didn’t think I could do it. My salmon fritters are super easy by taking 1 canned salmon, removing the edible bones, then mixing it with flour, 1 egg and your favorite seasonings. Scoop out accordingly into a pan with frying oil that’s about halfway up the fritter. Cook till golden brown, drain, and add a dash of salt (like you do any fried food). I pair my fritters with some Filipino spiced Datu Puti and soy sauce. Add whatever sauce you like and enjoy!

Take the rest of the year into your own hands, don’t leave it to salmon else.


What do you think?

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