A Happy Thought A Day

Part of improving our overall quality of life is incorporating a little more joy, a little more happiness into every, single day.  Thanks to my best friend, I started a new habit that only takes me one minute a day and has instantly made every day a little happier.  For my birthday, she gave me a copy of The Happiness Project One Sentence Journal.  Simply put, it’s a diary in which every day, I write one sentence about something that made me happy that day.  I will do this every day for five years.  I started doing this on my recent 29th birthday and am absolutely loving it!

Every night, before I go to sleep, I take a minute to reflect on my day and jot down something that was really awesome.  This is especially helpful for the days that really suck, where I have to spend a little more time thinking about what was a little less sucky that day. Now, when I reflect back on a day that was bad, I can focus on the little things in which I found joy.  Unexpectedly, this new habit has made it way easier to sleep at night.  Turns out, it makes a world of difference when you go to bed with one little happy thought in your head, instead of millions of bothersome or stressful thoughts.

Will you join me in inserting a little more happiness into your life each day?


What do you think?

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