Friday 5: Frugal Fashionista Tips

Funny enough, people in Charlotte think I have some fashion sense because I am from New York City, but it wasn’t until I moved to Charlotte and spent LESS on clothes that I became more style savvy.  How can that be?  Here are some things I’ve done in the past year that has helped me amp up my fashion game, while saving a ton of money.

  1. Hide your clothes.  When I first moved to Charlotte, I didn’t feel like unpacking all six of boxes of clothes.  So I unpacked boxes one at a time, and once I wore everything in that box, I would repack it and open a new box.  It turns out when they are out of sight, they really became out of mind.  It was nice surprise to open up boxes of clothes I had already forgotten about that I could wear again!
  2. Go on a clothing diet.  I’ve done various forms of this including trying to give up shopping for a whole year. Maybe you’re not ready to do a whole year, but a month or even a week can make a difference.  My favorite is to stick to just six pieces of clothing for one month and only wear those items.  You’ll find all sorts of new ways to wear those items, plus you’ll realize nobody else notices you’re wearing the same thing!
  3. Trade in your old clothes.  With stores like Plato’s Closet, Clothes Mentor, Uptown Cheapskate and Buffalo Exchange, you can raid your closet for clothes that you don’t wear anymore and trade them in for new clothes or straight up cash!
  4. Host a clothing swap.  I could, and probably will, write a whole post about this.  One of my new favorite things to do is to host clothing swaps where a bunch of girlfriends get together and trade clothes.  Free stuff?  Yes, please!
  5. Borrow from you fashionista friends.  We all know we ladies only like to wear a dress once before we want something new.  Don’t be afraid to ask to borrow from your friends if you have a special occasion and don’t want to burn your cash for a one-time use item.

It turns out that with less options, I became more creative with my wardrobe, making me more noticeably stylish!


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