How To Win Back 30+ Hours Of Your Life Starting Today

As we’ve said before, time is more than just money.  Time is everything.  Everybody wants more of it; nobody seems to have enough.  Every little bit helps.  Did you know if you saved five minutes a day for a year, you would have an extra 30 hours to do what you want?  That’s a lot of time!  Some quick things I’ve changed in my life over the past few months that each itself has saved me at least five minutes a day.

  1. Stop with the snoozing.  I used to always set my clock to earlier than I knew I would wake up, hoping I would actually wake up at that time instead of snoozing continuously.  Never happened.  Now I just set my alarm clock for the latest time I could wake up without being late and my body knows I just got to get up.
  2. Limit checking your social media to twice a day.  I use Facebook and Twitter primarily for business purposes.  I don’t bother with personal stuff as much.  I leave catching up with friends to more active ways with phone calls, personal e-mails and texts.  I check once in the morning and once at night to see what I missed during the day.
  3. Check your e-mail less often and later in the day.  I changed the setting on my phone to not refresh so often.  Saves my battery and helps minimize my urge to pick up my phone and check what spam I got.  I can usually bang out my emails for the day under fifteen minutes letting them pile up towards the end of the day.
  4. Pick optimal days and times to run your errands.  AJ and I often go grocery shopping late at night on Wednesday or Thursday.  That’s when the new weekly sales starts and we avoid long lines when everyone else is in bed at 10PM!  Gotta love 24 hour Wal-Marts.
  5. Pick your outfit out the night before.  My head is clearer and I’m more efficient picking out what I want to wear before going to bed than in the morning.  I feel less rushed when I have an outfit picked out first thing in the morning.
  6. Have a place for your keys, phone and wallet.  I heard some crazy stat recently that the average person spends 1000+ hours in their life looking for lost items.  I am always misplacing my keys, phone and wallet.  Now I keep all three items close by the front door so I know where to look as a default if I can’t remember where I put them down.
  7. Invest in a slow cooker.  Have a delicious home cooked meal without having to stand over the stove?  Yes, please!  Check out these delicious recipes.
  8. Spend a little time now on maintenance than a lot of time later.  Every week, I spend a little time rearranging and fixing up the mess I made in my closet and drawers.  It helps me save time each day by not looking for things and it saves me a bigger overhaul once it’s become a disaster.
  9. Get a smaller purse.  Ladies!  How much time have you spent digging around in your purse?!  Stop carrying unnecessary things and save that time now!  If guys can carry everything in their pockets, we can definitely get by with a smaller purse!
  10. Get over things you can’t control as quickly as possible.  I realized my biggest time waster was dwelling on things that upset me that are over and done with.  Between thinking about it, recanting them to my husband and friends, it’s time better spent on things I can take action on.  Jerk cut you off on the road today?  Waiter was rude to you?  Chalk it up to them having a bad day and move on.  You have better things to do.

Make every minute count!  Find little ways you can make each day a little more efficient!



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