10 Ways To Get A Bigger Piece Of The PIE

‘Tis the season for Performance Reviews! I hope everyone is excited to hear how well they did, or if they’re better off starting on new ventures. Don’t worry, below are some good philosophies to remember for whichever direction you want to go in your career whether you’re an entrepreneur or a company person. If done well, you will eventually get a bigger raise or more revenue, increasing your assets at a low cost.

Many people have attributed their success to the PIE model: Performance, Image, and Exposure. Essentially, the concept is that 10% of your success comes from your long standing Performance, 30% from the Image that others have of you (your personal brand), and 60% comes from Exposure, how far reaching do others know about your Performance and Image. Do you agree with these 10 ideas?


1) Say/ Do Ratio – Keep it high! What you ‘say’ can be high level goals, providing certain product features, or as simple as “I will respond to your email request by tomorrow.” If you say you’re going to do something, you better do it!


2) Branding – Early in my career, I was in an Asian affinity group. To foster success, the leadership kept reminding us that a common misconception is that Asians just put their heads down and work really hard, no questions asked. We should be focusing on our personal brand to exceed those stereotypes and prove that we can also exhibit leadership and creative qualities. Proactively shape your personal brand. Don’t let others do it for you.

3) Reputation – Does your reputation precede you? Are you trustworthy, easy to work with; do you deliver exceeding results? Well, you better work on that.

4) Professionalism – This is important no matter the situation. I strive to be personally engaging but still professional. You’re not only selling your work product but also yourself!


5) Visibility – Don’t just get visibility by brown-nosing or sucking up, but ensure your work gets the visibility it deserves. How? Follow the rest below.

6) Mentoring – Building positive mentors or champions can promote trust and counsel at the same time. Make sure your Mentor is Right For You.

7) Marketing – Find the best channels for marketing your work or product. This concept for marketing can work for you personally. Similar to successfully marketing a product, sometimes the best tactic to market yourself may not be the most obvious. Your direct manager should not be your only promoter. I aim to be in the technology space, so I’m trying to find opportunities to build rapport with members of a group that can lead me closer inside and outside the company.

8) Volunteering – No brainer, take on projects outside of your direct work scope or company. I’m struggling with this one myself as I’ve been identified to take on additional work that I primarily did 4+ years ago. It may seem like a backwards move, but you never know where the opportunity may lead. Additionally, community volunteering gives back in a way that can be just as fulfilling. Pay it forward.

9) Networking – The key is effective networking. Do your homework on who’s going to be at these network events so you have a plan of action. Or create that plan, on the fly, for the individuals you must speak with to do some…

10) Shameless Self-Promotion – After observing and talking with entrepreneurs, leaders, small businesses owners, much of their success comes from this. I take it as being confident in who you are and what you’re trying to accomplish. And no, I don’t mean posting a bunch of #selfies on the internet.

And it goes without saying that Image and Exposure cannot be effectively accomplished without great Performance. These three rely on each other, so don’t just focus solely on a single aspect here and manage all three. Done right, I believe you can have your pie and eat it too!

Image: Flickr Jaypeg

Image: Flickr Jaypeg


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