Friday 5: Things To Get Out Of Your Comfort Zone

Pretty much every piece of literature I have read recently about entrepreneurship has reiterated one major theme: GET OUT OF YOUR COMFORT ZONE.  But what does that really mean?  And how can you do it?  Like everything else, anything you want to accomplish has to be more than just a broad statement.  You need actual actionable items to get you towards that goal.  Here’s five things we are doing to start getting to “where the magic happens” today.

  1. Introduce Yourself To Random People.  I have been on a mission to network and meet as many people as possible here in our hometown of Charlotte.  While it’s great to make connections and hopefully find relationships that are mutually beneficial, my biggest goal is to just simply get over the fear of talking to people I don’t know.  Every networking event I attend, I make a point to go up to a minimum of three strangers and introduce myself, my business and to learn more about them.  I’ve noticed that since doing this, I feel less and less anxiety about talking to people I don’t know.  No doubt this will be useful for my future business endeavors.
  2. Book A Trip To Somewhere You’ve Never Been.  Like we’ve mentioned in other articles, there’s a whole big, bad ass world outside your immediate network and physical location.  Seeing new places will give you a different perspective.  Just a few minutes ago, I finally booked my trip to South Africa for the end of March.  It’s scary to travel alone, but I look at it as yet another growing and learning opportunity.  Now, you don’t necessarily have to go somewhere quite that far.  If you’re from the Northeast, try paying a visit to the good old South.  If you’re in a small town, venture out for a day trip to a nearby big city.  See what there is to learn in new places.
  3. Start And Lead A New Group.  Both AJ and I recognized we needed to have a good support network to make Charlotte really feel like home.  So we each started our own meetup groups around interests we have.  I started Frugal Fashionistas and AJ started The Charlotte Co-Ed Potluck Group.  These groups has given us courage to make new connections and better yet, to help others make connections, too.  They’ve also created some great opportunities for us to get involved in the community.  Through my Frugal Fashionistas group, I have made some great relationships with local boutique owners who give me great discounts and one even carries my jewelry line!
  4. Do A Public Speaking Gig.  I’m super proud of AJ for conquering this one.  Next month, he’ll be at his high school alma mater’s annual awards ceremony representing both his college alma mater and his employer and making an introduction to one of the keynote speakers.  They say public speaking is the number one phobia of people and he’s taking this one by force!
  5. Ask For Help.  I hate asking people for help or favors, and if I do, it’s only for a select few that I know and trust.  It’s incredibly uncomfortable for me to ask people for help, but that’s something that we all must learn to succeed in a lot of different areas.  This week, I started by reaching out to a family member who was absolutely willing to help us, by just us asking!  It also further motivates me to return the favor someday.


p>What are some things you can do TODAY to get out of your comfort zone?


One thought on “Friday 5: Things To Get Out Of Your Comfort Zone

  1. I would add that once you get of your comfort zone, stay out of it. It’s too easy to slip back into it after you have done one or two of these things. I try to keep dancing in front of everyone like nobody’s watching.

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