4 Reasons You Should Post Your First YouTube Video

This week, I decided to start posting video blogs for my Frugal Fashionistas Meetup here in Charlotte and found that people like Jenna Marbles really have their work cut out for them!  It’s definitely not as easy as it looks to be able to make an engaging video for people, so props to her and other YouTube vloggers; I have a new found respect for you.  Here’s some reasons I decided to do this now!

  1. Practice Your Public Speaking. It seriously is not easy to make these videos.  Even with this one, I have a lot I want to improve on after three takes, but it will come over time.  It’s a great way to see how you look when you are talking to other people, so you can hone those skills for future conversations!
  2. Breathe Life Into Whatever You Are Trying To Share.  Just like anything else, reading doesn’t have the same effect as seeing and hearing and sensing something.  I find that I am a much better deliverer of information in person than via e-mail or text.
  3. Intro To You As The Face Of X. I find that many new organizations’ success, whether it be a meetup group, a business organization or a social group is very dependent on who the organizer or leader is.  People want to know who is going to be in charge and if they seem credible.  For my meetup, I feel it’s important for people to see what my personality is, what I like in terms of fashion and what tips you can learn.  Since then, I’ve gotten five more members just this week!
  4. GET OUT OF YOUR COMFORT ZONE.  It’s scary to put yourself out there.  But just like a lot of things we’ll be writing about in The Effing Life, a lot of success comes out of overcoming your fears.  What better way to put yourself out there than memorializing yourself via YouTube?!

So here’s my first video post on re-purposing that neglected dress to wear, TODAY!  Enjoy!


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