5 Things To Keep Happily Productive On Snow Day

Since moving to Charlotte a year ago, everyone has told me that it never snows, doesn’t get cold and is generally pretty pleasant weather.  And here I am hanging at home with most places closed or closing early because we got hit with 1-3 inches of snow last night!

I don’t like to waste any time, just because the rest of the world is shut down, so here’s what I’m doing today to stay productive and keep on my path to the effing life.

Organize my space.  Today’s victim is my closet, where I spend a lot of my time and every morning trying to sift through my selection of clothes that still feels like too much even though I’ve gotten rid of about 75% of it in the last year.  I’ve decided to organize it by color and then by sleeve length (no sleeves, short sleeves, long sleeves, bottoms) so that I can save time each day sorting through what to wear.


Catch-up with old friends.  Sending emails/texts and even picking up the phone to pick up where I left off with five friends that I haven’t spoken to in a while.  Friendships require maintenance and care, and days like this is a nice day to just say “I’m thinking of you!”

Clear out the snail mail. Updating all my bills to auto-pay, sending out thank you notes and clearing out the pile of junk mail makes me feel like I accomplished so much, even if that’s the only thing I get done today.

Cook something you usually don’t have time for.  It’s red velvet cupcakes today with cream cheese frosting!  Out of the box, yes but still delicious and only cost me $2.00 total!


Spend some time on business. I’ve been a bit neglectful of my online jewelry business, so today I am making sure to follow-up with customers, post some new content to my social media and even host an online promotional event!  Making a little money while at home is never a bad thing!

What do you like to knock out while snowed in?


What do you think?

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