I Jumped on the Bandwagon. Why it’s best to follow suit

Panthers JerseyGo Panthers! (?)  We could definitely use an actual cheer by the way.  But as of this posting, ‘our’ Carolina Panthers are ranked #3 in ESPN’s NFL Power Rankings, when they face a tough 49ers team in this weekend’s Divisional Playoffs.  Hopefully this means they have a legitimate shot at going to and winning the Super Bowl in NJ this year.

What does this have to do with the effing life?  And when did I become a die-hard Panthers Fan, you ask??

I do love football, and I AM a die-hard fan of another cat-species, but no.  I have not been a longtime Panthers fan like those that have witnessed and trekked to Bank of America stadium to watch a mediocre team for much of its franchise history.

I jumped on the bandwagon.  And there’s nothing wrong with that.

I went to school in the Carolinas, and I was around when Weinke, Peppers, Rocket, and Moose, had their heydays.  But that was a decade ago.  Now I’m back and quickly invested in the Panthers, after garnering interest in the NFL through fantasy football two years ago, since I couldn’t get any worse than pulling for the Jets while in NY.  (At least, I could get on board with their J-E-T-S Jets Jets Jets cheer.)  Cheered on our “new hometown team” by attending 4 regular season games before the amazing run to the playoffs.  I’ve earned my place on the wagon despite it being on a special year.

But I proclaim there’s nothing wrong with ‘jumping on the bandwagon’.  If a person, team or organization gets struck with recent success, why not!  Sure you weren’t there through the thick and thin, but I say, ride the waves of that success, bask in the glory, and shower yourself with all the attention you’re getting!

Would you join Android, Netflix, Tesla, RocNation, or even a budding startup company if you’ve been rooting for the Jets the last 2 years?  Of course you would.  It’s new & exciting, with possibly some star-power and fresh success.  But perhaps in my less star-studded life, I will follow those that guide me to a better place and genuinely want me to be at my best.  I will follow their path On Any Given Sunday.  Get behind a Cam Newton, or in my case Luuuuke Kuechly (fawn).

We all want to be a part of something big.  For Bernadette and I, we got on each other’s bandwagons.

If you’ve been contemplating a tough decision and have the tools, go for it on 4th down!  Riverboat Ron would commend you.  Find yours and hop on before it’s too late!  Opportunity fleets.


2 thoughts on “I Jumped on the Bandwagon. Why it’s best to follow suit

  1. Roc Nation and Jets in the same paragraph? Why don’t you just say it to mah face? Haha jk. Good article. I will add though that in life there are highs and lows. I feel the same way about football. It will be the ultimate high when the Jets one hoist up the Lombardy knowing that I stuck with them through all the lows.

    • Yes – There are definitely reasons to stay with the same team, group, etc. I think it’s having the foresight, whether its with the same old or the grand potential of something else, that can be life-changing. It may be great (holding up the trophy) or bad (stuck going nowhere). I hate seeing people feel like they can’t change because they’ve been forced to stick it out.

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