How I Scored A Free Slow Cooker, Gloves and iPad Speakers Today.

Today marked the official end of the Christmas Season (for us Catholics, anyway) and that means cleaning up all the Christmas decor and figuring out what to do with all those gifts you got that you may not have a use for.  Enter in the Flip Your Gift Party! Thanks to Simone at Honeebee Gifts and Interior Motives in Charlotte, I attended this amazingly fun and frugal event this past weekend where I brought gifts that I didn’t need for new things that I wanted!  This time of year is perfect for anyone who wants a reason to get friends together and de-clutter your space!

The premise is simple:

  1. Ask guests to bring new, unwrapped gifts of at least a minimum value (let’s say $10) to a designated time and place.
  2. When guests arrive, evaluate their gifts and give them a value and provide them a number of tickets equal to that value.  For example, you can make the value of each ticket $10.  If a guest brings a $40 gift, they get four tickets!
  3. Arrange the gifts in a central location for the guests to “shop.”
  4. At the designated time, have your guests shop and trade their tickets in for other items they might want to take home with them!  Have a “cashier” on hand to make sure everyone is being fair and that there’s no eye poking or scratching!

Thanks to this, I was able to trade in for a new slow cooker, an iPad speaker (battery operated to bring outdoors) and some gloves I desperately needed!  And my money spent was a grand total of $0!  I can’t wait to do this again!image




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