Friday 5: Dresses For Less Than $5 Each!

To me, a dress isn’t worth buying unless it fits to your body well AND you feel SPECIAL wearing it.  For a long time, I used to buy lots of stuff on sale because I thought they were a good deal, even if they didn’t look that great on me.  So, you can imagine how psyched I was to find several dresses at one of my favorite resale clothing stores, Clothes Mentor that fit that criteria and cost LESS THAN FIVE BUCKS thanks to their 50% off clearance sale!


Bebop Black & White Print Dress w/ Pockets. $4!


Miss Minuet Purple & Yellow Stripe Party Dress. $4!


Xhilaration Teal Print Sheer Dress. $4!


Heart Soul Purple Print Work Dress. $3!


Sheer Striped Wrap Dress. $2! I got an outfit for $2!

My favorite part of this, is that if I decide to turn around and sell these, I am pretty sure I can sell them for higher than what I paid. How’s that for shopping for a profit?!


One thought on “Friday 5: Dresses For Less Than $5 Each!

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