Hair Raising Risk

I have more or less had the same haircut since I was 7: shoulder length, straight, typical Asian girl style.  Every now and then I would do something a little outside the box, maybe color my hair red, even got a few perms, but eventually I always came back to my default.  I always wanted to venture out and do something different, but never got the balls.  Then I started working in Corporate HR and anything remotely “rebellious” was definitely off limits.  Who’s going to take an HR lady seriously with blue hair?!

Quitting my job last year (more on that in a future post) was super liberating in a lot of respects, but interestingly, it was most liberating on my fashion choices.  I gave away most of my boring black suits and traded in for colorful, fun, trendy clothing I was excited to wear every day.  And the most exciting part, is that the very next day, I decided to chop my hair off!  It took me a year to get the guts to do it, but now I did it, and I LOVE IT!  And now that I’ve done it, I keep thinking, WHY DIDN’T I DO IT SOONER?!  Funny how we are so scared to take risks on something that isn’t that risky at all.  Hair will always grow back, after all.

January 2013: Default Bernadette.  Boring!!image

Summer 2013:  Started to grow my hair out longer, probably the longest I’ve had it in a while.imageFall 2013: Started watching way too much New Girl and hey! tried out the Zoey bangs for a bit.wpid-IMG_20130716_130747.jpg

November 2013: The bangs quickly grew out and I was back to default.  But not for long….image

November 2013: Poof!  No more long hair!  It felt super weird to touch my head and not have any hair to run through my fingers…


This week: Now that I took the plunge, I wasn’t finished yet!  Here came the buzzer for the moment of truth.


Today: I finally did it, and I love it!  Take that, corporate job!


Have been getting tons of compliments and feeling really good about myself!  They do say, high risk, high reward, and I took that literally with my new hair height!  So for all you ladies out there looking for a change, take the plunge!  You’ll be so happy you did it!  And once you get past that haircut, what else can you do that you’ve been stalling on because you were scared?


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