The Awkward Answer to Where I get my Haircut

“Oh, where do you get your haircut?” Then I cringe when I say, “I cut my OWN hair..” as I quickly concede to them that’s the reason its not perfect.

I know, I know.  In today’s ‘men’s fashion’ world filled with bow ties, happy socks, loafers, et al., one’s hairstyle is another statement piece.  If you want to make an impression with your employer or a potential customer, you must have a clean look.  I learned this during my days in real estate sales.  Nobody wants to buy from a scrub.  Nobody.

I’ve been cutting my own hair for over a dozen years, so the experience is there, but the versatility is not. Fortunately I can use mostly clippers and scissors for cleaning it up.

How to:

I use a Wahl Set

I use a Wahl Set

Tear open on its seams

  1. Find any deluxe hair clippers set to get various size and taper guides
  2. I use the cheapest plastic trash bags and open them up to cover our sink so clean up is an ease.
  3. I clip, trim, then wax my hair to the desired style (faux comb-over) and using the mirror(s) to make sure I cut  straight and even as much as I can.
Cutting StyleDSC_0025

Voila! Let me know if you think it’s worth the amount of money spent – $0 (after the initial investment)

AJ Cut before
AJ Cut after
AJ Front before
AJ Front after
It may not be perfect but a haircut every 2-3 weeks for men at $10-20 each cut saves me over $300 a year.  I may not go out and about with a $20 haircut, but I can leave my house with a $20 bill in my pocket.  And those are tips that can’t be frosted.

What do you think?

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