Fortunate To Have You

Welcome to the inaugural post for our blog The Effing Life!  We are so excited to start this blog after an amazing 2013 that was very kind to us. We moved to a new city on a whim, made new friends, started new career ventures, took up new hobbies, bought our first home together and shared amazing milestones with our friends and families including two trips to Cancun to witness loved ones tie the knot.

Enough of the humblebrags. What’s the point? Some have called us fortunate, and though we do feel very lucky, fortunate isn’t the right word.  Fortunate implies success apparently brought by chance rather than through one’s own actions. And we strongly believe that in order to live a life that you want, you have to take A LOT of action. A lot of thoughtful, scary, rooted in faith, action.

So that’s what this is about! Our actions towards living a life that we want, whether its our little daily tasks to our hobbies to our long-term plans for bigger and better things. For a little more history, check out more about the blog and about us.

If you got this far, you are likely a relative, friend, acquaintance or random person we just met who we begged to read our blog. Thank you for putting up with us! If you are not one of the aforementioned people, then whoo hoo!  We guess luck does come our way every now and then! You are particularly special to us, because that means you might actually share  interest in what we want to share with you. And for that, we can’t wait to interact with you not just as a blog follower, but as a new friend on this journey, where we can share ideas, stories, tips and anything that can help one another get whatever it is we want in life!

Thanks and more to come…!


What do you think?

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